Utilization of Lockdown: Celebrating an achievement of passion as Salesforce Session Speaker

virtual events as Salesforce Session Speaker in the last 6 months
events as public Speaker in the last 1 year [2 Sep 2019 - 6 Sep 2020]
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events as Salesforce & MuleSoft Session Speaker in the last 26 months

The past 6 months have not as per expectations for many and it has been really hard for many.
If you are fortunate enough to stay safe and living usual life then surely you are utilizing your time for caring, learning, sharing, and living your own passion as everyone has their own way of utilizing their time and motivating each other.

I have utilized these 6 months in a various way including more time for self, more learning, attending various virtual conferences & meetups, hosting & engaging with learning fun activity at few Mulesoft Meetups, hosting and speaking sessions for Salesforce Meetups, answering on Trailblazer Community, taking personal calls & chat as a career counselor to help someone with a great learning path, and of course, many more things what I love to do.

Recently I found really a great surprising journey about my public speaking Salesforce sessions in the Trailblazer Community – Yes, it’s a successful journey towards my Salesforce public speaking sessions, and wanted to add this at one post as a wonderful memory.

Below listings are detailed how these lockdown has given me more opportunities to interact with #TrailblazerCommunity as event host and speakers both.

Thanks to all organizers, co-speakers, and participants.

My virtual public talk-Salesforce Session in the last 5.5 months

Sr. #Session/EventDateRole of OmOrganizerEvent URLMore Sessions/Speakers in this Event except Om?
1Lightning Flow Builder Basic & General motivational TalkSun, Mar 29, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, Basic by Amit Garg
2Object relationships:
Lightning App
Sat, Mar 30, 2020SpeakerSalesforce
3Local Development For Lightning web component: Sunday with LWCSun, Apr 5, 2020SpeakerSalesforce
4Add AI Predictions to Your Custom Objects with Einstein Prediction Builder
& Stay motivated, Stay safe
Sun, Apr 5, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, Integration Quick Overview by Munna Jaiswal
5Fun learning with newly minted 2020 Salesforce MVPsSat, Apr 11, 2020SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Vadodara, Agrawal, Narender Singh, Sakthivel Madesh
6Learn Admin & Let’s be together virtually while Social distancingSat, Apr 11, 2020SpeakerSalesforce Marketer Group (Pardot), Faridabad, Ram Dubey
7Salesforce Starter Kit Sun, Apr 12, 2020SpeakerSalesforce Admin Group, Patna, Kumar, Sahil Chaudhary
8Talk with 5 Salesforce MVPs from the newly minted 2020 Salesforce MVPsSun, Apr 12, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, Agrawal, Amit Singh, Narender Singh, Sakthivel Madesh
9App Building with the Salesforce PlatformSun, Apr 19, 2020SpeakerSalesforce Admin Group, Patna, session by Sunny Kumar
10#Java2Apex: Fun enabled coding tips & techniques for Apex beginners!Sun, Apr 19, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari,
11Apex Trigger Basic with quiz & Motivational talkSun, Apr 26, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, session by Lakhan Meghani
12Communication Workshop by #D2CSat, May 2, 2020HostSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, Rupesh Bhatia & Sebastian Wagner
13Collections in Apex explanation with quizSun, May 10, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, Talk by Ashish Kumar,
Collections in Apex session by Priya Chaudhary
14Quiz base learning & Boost Your Org’s Security with Multi-Factor AuthenticationSat, May 30, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, Session Boost Your Org’s Security by Kelly Walker
15Build App on the CloudSat, June 6, 2020SpeakerMIET College,
16#BAM &
Give Back
Fri, Jun 19, 2020SpeakerSalesforce Admin Group, Dhaka, Daud, Sanjida Yasmin
17#MeetTheLeaders Success Stories & Motivational talkSun, Jun 21, 2020SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Vijayawada, Singh, Aviral Agrawal
18Love for #TDX20 | Summer ’20 #LearnMOAR Contest | 2nd Founder day #MotihariMeetup celebrationSun, Jun 21, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, Speaker: Amy Oplinger
19Learn Salesforce Application DevelopmentFri, Jun 26, 2020SpeakerJMI, Central University New
20#AwesomeAdmin #LightningReadySat, Jul 4, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, session by Rahul Malhotra
21Quiz Learn more about Salesforce Labs & Getting Started with #EinsteinAnalytics & Sat, Jul 11, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, session by Aviral Agrawal
22Lightning Flow Builder (New Feature)Sat, Jul 18, 2020SpeakerSalesforce Women in Tech Group, Faridabad, India
Salesforce Marketer Group (Pardot), Faridabad, India Session by Akash Mishra
23TrailheaDX 2020 Global Gatherings #TrailblazingTogetherSun, Jul 26, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, Highlights with Q&A by Shyam Bihari
24Build & deploy apps to HerokuSat, Aug 1, 2020SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Delhi,
25TDX20 Global Gatherings Sat, Aug 1, 2020SpeakerSpeakeraSalesforce Developer Group, Palwal, Speker: Satya Shekhar
26Integrate Heroku with Salesforce PlatformSat, Aug 8, 2020SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Delhi,
27Heroku Add-ons & Heroku ConnectSat, Aug 22, 2020SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Delhi, Dhoot
28Prepare for Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture ExamSat, Aug 29, 2020SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Delhi, Speaker Durgesh Dhoot
29Salesforce platform basic learning with quiz and Asynchronous ApexSun, Aug 16, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, Apex by Saon Das
30Skill up for the Career with #TrailheadInABoxSat, Aug 29, 2020HostSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, by Shyam Bihari
31#Salesforce Career sessions | Salesforce Basic Quiz:Wed, Sep 2, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, Mallika Bannaravuri, Raja Singh, Shivangni Jain, Shyam Bihari, Sid Sehgal, Thamalalla Venkata Seshagiri Rao
32Salesforce #StudentAmbassadors Meet along with learn fun activitiesSun, Sep 6, 2020Host & SpeakerSalesforce Developer Group, Motihari, Jacob, Rajshree Choudhary, Shubhangi Gupta, ANANTAPALLI P S B VYSHNAV

MuleSoft Meetup Session

Sr. #Session/EventDateRole of OmOrganizerEvent URLMore Sessions/Speakers in this Event except Om?
1In-person Meet: First MuleSoft Meetup in Patna- Bihar’s First MuleSoft MeetupSat, Mar 7, 2020Host & SpeakerMuleSoft Meetup Prakash
2MuleSoft Training and certification update, Exception handling in Mule 4 QuizSat, May 9, 2020co-Host & SpeakerMuleSoft Meetup Firoz
Amit Singh
3Unit Testing in Mule 4.X Sun, Jul 12, 2020Speaker for QuizMuleSoft Meetup Firoz
Amit Singh
4Accelerating digital transformation with API Led approachSat, Jul 25, 2020co-Host.
Speaker for Quiz
Farmington, MI Developers Group
MuleSoft Meetup Patna Speaker for Event:
Emely Patra
My previous public talk- Salesforce session: Prior to Lockdown

Feb. 17, 2020, IIMT College - #BAM


Jan. 25, 2020, Faridabad B2B & WIT

DF19 & TDXIndia19 Developers Highlights: Continuous innovation with the Customer 360 Platform

Jan. 4, 2020, Motihari

Dreamforce 2019 & TrailheaDX India Global Gatherings

Dec. 29, 2019, Virtual at Dhaka Dev Group

LWC experience & engage with #TrailblazerCommunity

Dec. 27, 2019, #BAM with Trailhead

BE A MULTIPLIER: Trailhead in a Box

Dec. 1, 2019, Patna Admin

Introduction to Salesforce Ecosystem & Start your #AwesomeAdmin journey

Nov. 30, 2019, Motihari

Lightning Platform Workshop

Nov. 23, 2019, Faridabad B2B & WIT

Workshop: Build Apps that Span Heroku and Salesforce with Heroku Connect

Nov. 16, 2019, Palwal

Winter '20 Release Highlights

Oct. 29, 2019, Motihari

Salesforce Labs Day

Sept. 28, 2019, KCNIT, Banda

Salesforce Seminar and Workshop with Trailhead at KCNIT, Banda

Sept. 21, 2019, Faridabad B2B

Workshop- Make Salesforce Your Back Office Agility Layer

Sept. 3, 2019, MIT Muzaffarpur

Salesforce Session & workshop at MIT

Sept. 2, 2019, Motihari


June 29, 2019, Motihari

TrailheaDX 2019 Global Gathering

June 15, 2019, MIET, Meerut

Einstein Language Session at WIT Meerut & MIET Student

March 17, 2019, Motihari

Salesforce Platform Session at Motihari College of Engineering

Feb. 2, 2019, Motihari

Developer Week 2019 meeting

Nov. 10, 2018, Motihari

Dreamforce 2018 Global Gathering

Sept. 13, 2018, Motihari

Build Your First App Workshop #BAM

July 15, 2018, Motihari

Build Your Career in the Salesforce Ecosystem