#ThanksTrailblazers – My 1 year of journey with Trailblazer Community Group

1000+ Trailblazer Community Groups 🎉!

Trailblazer Community is celebrating a big milestone and achievement today with 1,000+ Trailblazer Community Groups

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I’m also excited and proud to say that “Motihari, IN Developers Group” is also a part of these 1,000 of amazing Community Groups around the world.

There was a wish if I could also be an organizer of Trailblazer Community Group’s meetups/events, and my dream fulfilled last year.

Submitted the application for the new group and received a right direction from Kendall Odom so my application got routed to the Developer Groups Onboarding team.
On Jun 18, 2018, Our group was officially onboarded as a part of the Trailblazer Community Group.
Below line of the approval email from Mallory Leggere was enough to give a wing to my dreams:
“Hello Om,
Thank you so much for your patience on this. We have approved your application to start a Salesforce Developer Group in Motihari, India!”

I have been added in the group of experienced Community Group Leaders from worldwide, where I could get the notifications from the Community Management Team and we can collaborate on various topics with the Leaders.

First Meetup in Motihari
The first meetup “Build Your Career in the Salesforce Ecosystem” was organized in a small classroom of a local institute on 15 July 2018.
Few IT Students and Java Trainees joined us to know about Salesforce Platform.
Amy Oplinger joined us virtually to Speak on the topic “How to build the Career in the Salesforce Ecosystem?”.
Thanks a lot to Amy Oplinger for accepting our invitation to speak with our small and new group.
The virtual presence of Siddharth Sehgal was also very helpful at our first event for audience engagement.
I was explaining about learning with Trailhead very first time to them.
Attendees were happy to know the career-path and Trailhead Learning, and there was lots of learning for me as the first-time Organiser of a Community Events. 
Impact of the First Meetup:
Due to post meetup social media posts, few Salesforce developers who belong to Motihari (But their work city is also out of the home State), reached out to me via social media & Meetup messaging options, they joined the group and they were also excited to hear about a Community Group in Motihari.
The group is growing:
After the success of our initial two local meetups, we had some amazing local events like “DF18 Global Gathering” and “Developer Week 2019 meeting“.
Both meetups got the media coverage and resulting positive impact “Salesforce Platform Session at Motihari College of Engineering” was one of my achievement where a Government Engineering college remain open officially on Sunday for this session.
Personal & Profesional Growth- How Trailblazer Community enriched my life:

Result of being a group leader given me the strength to develop my mentorship and leadership skill to the next level, not only limited to my colleagues and team-mates at my workplace but beyond.
After every event, I learn something new from our attendees and from the random questions of our group members.

Being involved in the community and to give guidelines to someone, you need to be expert in all related topics, so I started learning new skills related to Salesforce not only limited to my office assignment but started exploring more and more.
For learning, knowledge sharing and giving back, I have been answering on the Trailblazer Community and feel proud to see my self on the Answer Leader Board along with other answer leaders.


Thanks to the entire Trailblazer Community Team for all your continuous support. Thanks to team Trailhead, we don’t need to worry while guiding anyone to start learning Salesforce. 

Thanks to the top Leaders and Trailblazers who keep motivating us.

I would like to thanks everyone who has been part of my journey, supporting me directly or indirectly whenever required.
Thank you #Ohana for everything. Thanks Trailblazers!
Message for our Community Group Members:
Thanks to everyone for being a part of our Motihari, IN Developers Group.
To the Students, newbies or professionals who have started learning Salesforce: “I have promised you that Salesforce will change your professional life if you have a passion for learning new things and grow together in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Keep learning and it’s my responsibility to help you succeed together.”
To the working Salesforce professional: Our workplace is outside of our home City & State but we can plan to meet in our meetup. Feel free to reach me out with your home city visit plan or with your holiday schedule and we will also plan our event that time. I need your support to build more and more Salesforce professional talent like you from our City and it would result in a positive impact on our local area and society for sure.
To the future members: Either you are students or working for any other technology, join us and we will introduce you Salesforce Platform & Salesforce Ecosystem for your life-changing career experience.
If you are already part of our Salesforce Ohana but not heard about our local community group yet, please join our group and would be happy to meet you in any of our future meetups, will get to know each other with our community members, will share our knowledge with each other and will help the next generation along.
What motivated you to take the lead? Why lead a group in the home city remote area instead of workplace city?

I strongly believe “If I struggled for something 7 years ago, and for the same thing anyone around me is going with the same struggle again then there is no lesson has been learned. We have not grown”.

Thanks to Trailblazer Community Team, I started this Group in my home city Motihari to help each other and to succeed together with Salesforce Ecosystem.
Thanks to Salesforce Ecosystem which is empowering everyone as a bright career in the cloud base technologies, and with the help of Trailblazer Community I’m on the way to Giving Back and minimizing the gap of the remote city slowly but steady.
I had an option to start a different type of a Trailblazer Community Group(Rather than existing type) in my workplace city last year but I wanted to catch the weakest chain, I wanted to connect our weakest chain with strong network of Trailblazers, and it starts from my home city, that’s why I went back.
Which struggle you are talking about and don’t want to be repeated with your community group members?
I’m from a small city Motihari which is known as a remote city because of the poor connectivity from the metro cities. 
I have been struggled to start my career during the year of 2011-2012.
Even after being an IT graduate and IT postgraduate it was too difficult for me to start a career as a developer when I was a fresher.
Although I have been the topper of my academic classes since my childhood, I had a very good command over mathematics, had a good Java programming concept from start, known as Java Baba(Java Expert) by my colleagues of B.Sc IT and MSc IT batch.
But I was not from topmost colleges (long story here, out of this topic) and no any campus placement in MSc.IT final year so jumped as fresher for starting a career Opportunity as Developer.
Yes, my desire was to be a developer only because I was loving code and writing program overnight even without any job.
It was an achievement when I got an Opportunity as an Associate Java Trainee in 2012 during Open-house hiring after the technical rounds with a minor monthly stipend amount which was less than my pocket money, but thanks to my parent for continuous motivation.
With the support of my family, I continued as Java/J2EE developer 2 years where I boost up my coding and logical skills.
Today I understand, if I got to know about Salesforce Development profile in my early career then my initial journey was totally different and of course better.
Salesforce Platform Changed my professional life 🎉
After 2 years of Java Development experience, I got introduced about Salesforce Platform by my new employer in the year 2014, I started utilizing my coding skill as  Salesforce Developer and as a result of my dedication, learning attitude and awesomeness of Salesforce Ecosystem, Salesforce platform changed my professional life. 
And yes, I feel successful in my life because I’m trying to leave an impact behind me, I’m trying to Giving Back to my community as I believe at least do something which is not only for money but something for giving back contribution.
Thanks for reading a small part of my journey, I’m grateful! I’m thankful for each and everyone who met during my journey. I am thankful for each and everyone who has been part of my learning day by day!
It is my initial journey, a long way to go. Please keep supporting me. Let’s succeed together with Salesforce.
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Thanks Trailblazers!