Skill up: the necessity – Be a lifelong learner with Trailhead

Skill Up one of my favorites goals and of course, it should be the goal of everyone in every ecosystem. I’m fortunate to be in the Salesforce Ecosystem where Skill up is brought to everyone free by online learning platform Trailhead so everyone can Skill up for the future.

It’s our amazing Salesforce Ohana and Trailblazer Community which always motivates you to learn more and empower yourself and your surroundings.
This the Skill Up which help us to experience the latest on demand technology, develop the applications fast on the Salesforce platform- the best innovative platform in the world that helps you bring innovation to your products, technology, and team.

If you are new to our Ecosystem then signup on the Trailhead now and start learning In-Demand Skills in a fun way, learn in a better way than you play your favorite online game. There are over a million jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem for every  background every interests, everyone which required Skill up, your honesty towards your career, and your passion to learn.

If you are Salesforce Developers, a lifelong Trailhead learner like me, want to Skill up yourself more from home, and you want to explore important topics related to development on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, join the Skill Up initiative of Salesforce Developer Relation Team India “Level Up with Salesforce Developers”. Check out more #LevelUpSFDev at

More motivation, more inspiration to learn together, find out your nearest Trailblazer Community Groups, join the groups to skill up your self with peers, learn Salesforce with peers, and share your knowldge with the Community to multiply your skills.

In this learning journey, I’m happy to share, I was recently approached by Mason Frank International about an opportunity to contribute my insight to their Salesforce industry whitepaper.
My thoughts are featured alongside a number of my fellow MVPs and esteemed members of the Ohana, providing invaluable advice to any struggling businesses and individuals during the COVID-19 crisis.
It covers five key challenges they may be currently facing; cost-saving, data security, remote working, growing at scale, and business continuity.

I am honored to have shared my view on Skill Up to Mason Frank International to provide Salesforce advice to those who need it.

I hope my own and my peers’ insight helps those looking for answers at this unprecedented time.

Please do have a read and share with anyone who would benefit from it:

I’m always a true heart advocate of Skill Up because I have been experienced it from every corner in my journey.
You can spot me in communities and colleges to talking about the importance of Skill Up with help of Trailhead.

And it’s a pleasure and feels supportive when your workplace Organisation also believes in the Skill Up and they encourage everyone to Skill Up with Trailhead.
I’m sharing a small clip from the workplace’s Annual Function Dec 2019 where I had an opportunity to share a presentation on Skill Up, #BAM with Trailhead, and the Skill Up goal 2020 of the organization:

Let’s keep the learning, keep the knowledge sharing keep growing with our #Ohana.

I hope you are ready with your session bookmarks for this weekend goal to learn from Virtual Dreamin to Skill up your self with your favorite topic.

Virtual Dreamin 2020 – Agenda

Thank you! Stay Safe!