My self-finding of self during Lockdown- Self Motivation.

During Lockdown and the current situation, I tried my self-examination & self recursion testing to check what I lost what I gained.
Sharing my 11 self-finding about me:
1. Feel proud of your core values.
Here is mine:
सत्य वचन, शुद्ध विचार, छनिक क्रोधी, अति प्यार ।
छल कपट मुक्त, जीव दया युक्त, चंचल मन, कर्म संयुक्त ।।
2. Do your Karma (act) and never expect something in return. You need to believe in the God-the creator of the entire nature!
3. Dare to say immediate “wrong is wrong” & dare to sacrifice anything.
4. Enjoy today but be grateful for each minor & major things, each and everyone in your life.
5. Your home is the best place where you can #StaySafe & healthy and emotionally connected. You are always like a month child to your parents.

6. You have sufficient time to connect with everyone virtually from your family friends community during any type of situation.
7. Money is just a medium to fulfill your dreams but it is not a destination. Never be dependent on money. It’s required but not on the cost of your self-satisfaction.
8. You can lose your time by “sleeping and dreaming” or utilize your time by “learning more to achieve your goal”.
9. If you can’t correct your Sanskara during lockdown then it’s difficult to correct it later.
10. No need to worry for tomorrow, focus today.
On 27 April 2014, I listened to a song from a short film and posted it on Facebook. That is very correlating with me every day-
अब तक सफर अच्छा रहा, इस मोड़ से जाए कहाँ!
रास्ते में जो भी हो, ढूढेंगे हम अपना जहाँ !!

छोटी छोटी खुशियों के लिए क्यों तरसे लम्हें !!
बड़े बड़े चोट खा के आएं है सफर मिलो का तय करके !!