Key points for attending learning meetup

For every meetup you attend, your goal should be maximum learning & networking along with below 9 key points:
1. Learn & ask questions- It will help you and our fellow attendees too.
2. Utilise the virtual networking opportunities if given a chance.
3. Share your experiences and story if given the opportunity at the meetup.
4. Engage with Q&A in the chat window if you are familiar with some common questions.
5. We love swag giveaways but this should not be a primary reason to attend.
6. Don’t hesitate to share the social glimpses & your learning or fun take publically at the end of the event.
7. Give genuine feedback & suggestions via feedback email post the meetup so Organisers can always improve the experience as per your expectations.
8. Looking to speak or present next time?: Talk with your group leaders.
9. It’s all about Learn Together & Succeed Together with #Salesforce#TrailblazerCommunity