Hobby, habit, and routine: Be A Multiplier

Recently I had a discussion over WhatsApp chat with a person who had their own belief that GivingBack and knowledge sharing can be only possible when you become perfect and held the expertise of at least 10+ years with the extraordinary achievement.
I had explained very well and I was able to leave an impact on his viewpoint, and now I want to share the brief of my view on the same.

We don’t need to wait to get expertise, extreme experience or need to be perfect to give back to society.

Giving Back, there is a different form of these efforts and here I’m talking the giving back of your time and knowledge to your surroundings, it might start from your family, relative, friends, colleagues, and anyone around.

What we need is just willing power and your thought how can you give back, be a multiplier and how can you enrich the society.

Salesforce Ohana is the best example where you can see the Students of final year are helping their fellow classmates with transferring on-demand skills, sharing the new learning to their faculties and spreading their knowledge to their Trailblazers Journey.
You can experience the same in Trailblazer Community events and other GivingBack events where everyone is willing to share their knowledge with each other.
Not experienced yet? Here you go and find your nearest Trailblazer Community Groups and upcoming events.

BAM! BE A MULTIPLIER WITH TRAILHEAD inspires us to do the same: “If you teach 10 friends, and they teach 10 others, and so on, we can reach millions and help champion #EqualityForAll”.

“Start a movement, Empower anyone to skill up for the jobs of the future with Trailhead”.

If everyone starts giving some of their time apart from their daily work, think how much knowledge we can transfer to each other, how much multiplication you can achieve, how much happiness you can spread around you.

Even a student of class 5th can give some time of his knowledge sharing to his juniors and colleagues after their fixed routine, although many schools are encouraging the same.

I’m fortunate enough to also surrounded by amazing friends and contacts who spent more effort than me for Giving Back through BAM.

Still, I can also see so many of my friends and known contacts including successful professionals who don’t have even a single minute focusing beyond selflessness. I request them to start thinking “WE” instead of “I”.

Now there might be a question what benefit you will get?
I believe you are not only going to multiply your skills in others but you are also going to multiply your skillset. You are not only going to leave the impact behind you but you are also going to lead the movement around you and you are going to inspire many.

I must add, if you are sharing your knowledge during your office time to your junior or colleagues you shouldn’t claim this is your giving back, that’s your responsibility to make the team grow, that is the part of your routine, right?


So think again are you BAM?
If yes, you have much more reason to feel proud.
If not yet, what about adding this BAM attitude to your daily life? Sharing your knowledge, expertise and giving your efforts to give equal opportunity to everyone?

Just give it a try from right away and you will feel proud whatever you will do.
Share your story and happiness around you and you can inspire your close circle to BE A MULTIPLIER.