Engineer’s Day message with huge employment opportunity in Salesforce Ecosystem

I met many people around me specially from my home city/state areas in the last 8 years and they always claim that lack of employment after getting an engineering degree. 
People don’t lose the chance to make the fun of unemployed engineers in terms of unemployment and sad to see some of the funny posts on twitter about those students.

In another hand, being surrounded by various successful professionals in my work city/area I can see and get the update of how industries and recruiters struggle to find the skilled person as per their need.

I have seen four categories of engineering Students with my personal experience: 
1. Got placed during college itself with a reputed organization with a great offer or started own setup.
2. After an engineering degree, they move for some different goal than their technical study and succeed.
3. Struggle after getting passed out from college but success to make their career as per their choice a little late.
4. Return back and spread negativity that it was a waste of 4 years.

No matter in which category students come, I would suggest apart from the syllabus they need to adopt the skill as per market/industry demands. They need to keep eye on their successful seniors on which technology they are working.

Being in the IT industry and in Salesforce Ecosystem I can see lots of opportunities and the huge gap of skilled students.
As per recent data we received from Salesforce Dev Relation Team and Salesforce Student program, 3X more demands of Developers than the total number of Computer science graduates in the 4th Industrial revolution.
Not only the demands of Developers but also the huge demands of Application Architect, System Architect, Technical Architect, Data Scientists, Mobile experts, Security experts, and other related positions.

3.3M jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2022 where 1.1M jobs are predicted in India for which Students should start learning the top demanding skills from right away if not started already.

Glad to see how this learning revolution has been started in India by various universities, colleges recently and adoption of these skills are growing.

If a college’s students are preparing as per latest demanding skill and another college’s students are still focused on traditional syllabus base skills then why not company/organization preferred selecting the skilled person instead of traditional. So time to adopt the demanding skills asap.

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